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"A new beginning. And things will reap, So get on your way! And climb the heap. No matter, working in and out, tiresome it may seem, Today is your day, stand like a soldier and cherish the dream."

One more pearl in the wreath of success!!” We are awfully grateful to announce flamboyant opening of a New Branch of Rawat Educational Group i.e. Rawat Public School, Bhankrota, Jaipur with utmost proud & privilege. The year 2018 marked the beginning of an era as the gates of Rawat Public School again opened to cater educational needs of the society. This institution was created with an objective of not only providing an outstanding 360° education in academics, but also, focusing on character building, leadership, extra and co-curricular activities alongside with a very strong, dedicated and capable team of educators who became the driving force & strong pioneers in the growth of the school.

We aim forward to nurture & educate students in all aspects of life. And at the same time anticipating for a favorable support from parents & everyone around to make Rawat Educational Group the best place to serve learning in & out.

RPS Why Unique?

Active Learning

Active learning is a main feature of every classroom interaction with novelties.

Multimedia Class

Multimedia Classes give the chance to children to explore the reality of the world and available versatility.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement provides a support network for children which is particularly important when they face academic hurdles or other challenges with extra-curricular activities.

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Expert Teachers

Every teacher is creative, innovative expert and having the knowledge of Child pedagogy.

Student-Centered Teaching

In RPS student centered classroom practice is followed, which provides the students to think, analyse.

Mentoring Programs

Mentoring programs helps to develop interpersonal relationship and nurture the pupils accordingly.

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Why Choose Us ?

A school is the place where a child learn the way to live life in a good manners. In RPS very clear goals and objectives are communicated to the staff, students, parents and wider community.

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