A milestone of constant success and achievements

Results: “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent efforts.”

                                                                                                                                               John Ruskin

It is a universal truth that after every effort, a positive and favourable outcome, boosts our motivation factor whereas a negative one, charges us to strive for better. Similarly, after every examination, a remarked result with flying colors certainly makes one stand apart and in this way, constantly striving for better result has been a tradition of ‘Rawat Public School’. It has given some outstanding results in the past decade after getting established and the numbers are still counting…

In recent years, producing result-oriented sessions has become a challenge for all the schools; especially, when today’s children and youth are inclined towards social media and electronic gadgets. In this cut-throat competition era, on one hand, some children endeavour to gather on social media; however, on the other hand rest of the strength keeps striving for success. But to taste that success or to remain ahead of the race, a helping hand is always required and that’s why now we are among the pioneers of the industry. Rawat Public School is not just another school but it’s the best and it has been proved in many an occasions, be it is yielding the secondary or senior secondary results or it is inter-school or inter-state competitions of debate, extempore, taekwando etc.

We work on every child’s foundation to convert into an asset for the society. We don’t require any introduction as we are one of the leading institutions across the city. The school is a Hallmark of authenticity and the best value of your investment in your ward’s future. Our zealous and industrious team works until the desired outcome is not attained. Rawat Public School is determined to get the best out of each individual at every level. It is a place where every student is driven by moral and educational values, remains passionate about achieving his/her goals, obtains utmost motivation and thus starts moving on the path of success which acts like a lifelong companion for him/her.

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