Academic Changes in CBSE

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

It is truth that if one gets educated, can light-up the life of many which in turn would create an educated society i.e. an enhanced way of leading life. It is the education always yields better tomorrow. But do we think or feel that there had been only one curriculum which has been taught for ages. Certainly not, education also requires changes as we all know “Change is a law of nature.” Without changes, education would become monotonous. In fact, all the individuals are able to compete with their surroundings only because of constant changes in this system. Today, even parents do enroll their child in any school not after seeing their pedagogy method but after checking the school’s curriculum. So, keeping this very fact in mind, even our country’s educational boards; be it state boards, central board, IB or any other board invariably looks for continuous advancement to prepare students for tomorrow to meet their requirements.

In this direction, almost every you’re the central board of secondary education (CBSE) is known for making minor and major changes to reform the one which is prevailed. These reforms are purely based on the National Assessment survey like the one in 2017-18. Based on such a survey, the board proposes few changes in the assessment and evaluation practices for internal assessment and year end board examinations for their respective academic years’ performances. After a detailed study, the board contemplates and thus, decides aims like below one:

  • To strong then the school based/internal assessment by incorporating diverse strategies.
  • To expose students to different types and format of questions in the year end / board examinations for better assessment of learning outcomes of students.

According to the latest announcement, the decision by the ministry of human resources development of India to participate in PISA (Program  for international students assessment) in 2021 has given an incentive to the requirement of aligning the Board’s (BBSE’s) Assessment system to meet future requirements.

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