Negative Results

Negative Result in Board Exams never Ends the life

Before we go ahead to talk about the suicide cases among students which is now a days increasing rapidly. I would like to divert you towards the actual sense of human life. Every being needs to travel through 84 lakh yonis (or life forms) during its existence. The cycle of birth and death goes on and on. To come out of this endless cycle of birth and death is only possible in Manushya Yoni or human life. In no other life form it’s possible to break this cycle. Only with the guidance of a divine master or guru, the journey from “Kohum” (Who am I?) to “Sohum” (I am that) can be made – the endless cycle be broken. Of course just a human birth is not enough. Right sanskar (conditioning of mind and body) as well the divine guidance of a sadguru is essential.

The soul needs a home where there is an uplifting religious and spiritual environment that is conducive to its onward journey. Even this is not enough. Bad company will lead to vices that will drag the soul backward. So satsang or company of good souls is also essential. Only in such an environment, with the grace of a master, Upasana or performance of religious duties will happen.

We are just like any other living being on this planet. We are born and we die. We make it important because we show more emotions and attachments and love we show it physically and we express those. That’s what makes us feel important.

If you think generally, even if I die tomorrow nobody gives a damn except my family members because I m not that famous and never achieved high success to do something remarkable in life. But our life is so important as we have got this life with such a special purpose. Let’s take an example of the famous people like Abraham Lincoln, martin Luther, Mohammed Ali, bear grills, obama, Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami vivekanand, Subhash Chandra Bose. They have taken their lives meaningful with deeds. They also faced the challenges in their lives beyond our expectations.

The academic result or mark sheets can never be the decider of a life of human beings. Our life is so precious without an alternative. We have to be mentally strong enough to face our failure/Result. Remember getting failed in one examination does not mean that we got failed in our life.

Our life can be affected by society, family members, relatives and friends and they make our life meaningful and are the part of our social responsibility. Committing suicide is the biggest insult of God and our self.  Running away from our failure will give nothing except creating difficulties to our close ones. Life provides another chance to rebuild us. Just we need to take the proper guidance, love and affection from our family members, teachers and close ones.

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