Offers intensive growth and overall grooming

Admission in a school means offering a futuristic curriculum to prepare and groom students.

“Education is the passport to the future, tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”.

Malcolm X

When we talk of future, it all starts with education. The foundation of a child’s future can only be laid today if the child gets nurtured with a balanced blend of traditional basics and an optimistic futuristic curriculum. Here term ‘Balanced’ is a key term which brings harmony and rhythm. Thus, a perfect gift of education certainly helps in preparing the students for a successful future and the name that suffices all such queries in parents’ minds is none other than “Rawat Public School”.

Today, when the modern life style demands to adapt new life skills in radically evolving environment, this school offers multi-dimensional aspects to each child to become a versatile character. This school imbibes the quality education with its sound infrastructure along with a highly dedicated team of subject experts. Education received at ‘Rawat Public School‘ remains an asset and helps in everyday’s challenges:

The key features that highlight this school and make it a class apart include:-

  • Encouraging children to face hurdles rather than avoiding them.
  • Preparing students to take benefits of learning moments in everyday’s life.
  • Promoting children to attend social gatherings rather than being on social media platform.
  • Helping in making them participate actively whatever be the outcomes of the competitions.
  • Organising result-oriented sessions than unproductive turn-outs.

Our glorious past is the master-key to our potentials and the past success history helped us building rapport all around. Our vision is to mould your young ones as per their capabilities and guide them to become a born genius or to perform like a winner does. Simultaneously, we strive to take the best out of every child.­

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