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PARENTS ROOTS ON ACTION: Decision of their kids admission

The school is a place where your child will spend the next 14 years of his/her life.

Is the school your child is going to offering the best of resources?

Is it helping your child learn outside of textbooks?

More important, is it equipped to meet the future?

It’s the season of school admissions.

Nearly 226 million Indian children are enrolled in schools – 90 million of these children are attending 75,000 private schools across the country.

As the months roll towards the new session and towards new beginning, these private schools around the country witness large lines of anxious parents outside their admissions office, waiting to get application forms and secure seats for their tiny tots.

For many parents, getting admission in the school with the best facilities and a good transport system is paramount-after all, passing out from a good school is a ticket to future success.

Parents may not appreciate the gravity of the decision they’re making – after all, the child will spend the fourteen most formative and crucial growth years in a person’s life in the institute they select.

For most parents, a choice of school for their children is driven by perception, word of mouth (reference from other parents), and infrastructure provided by the school.

Most of these are shallow criteria, considering how important this decision is.

It’s not enough if the school has a great building, play areas, air conditioned classrooms, activity labs and computers or tablets. There is more to learning than just an infrastructure and facilities.

We believe it is possible to create an ideal school or classroom environment. There are ample examples in public and private schools throughout India in which schools culture is taught to students to shape their life.

Rawat Public School always sets a milestone in the field of education. In the session-2018. It has again achieved the same goals in board-exams.

It focuses on an ideal school environment that attracts teachers who are knowledgeable, care about student learning, and adapt their instruction to meet the needs of their learners. It is an ideal school which tries to be nimble the curriculum relevant to the lives of students, an ideal school environment recognizes that student success is a complex idea and measuring it must be accomplished with many tools, an ideal school environment is led by people who value others, their voice and need for choice.­

Here are the qualities that parents keep in mind as they look for a school that is a good match for their child.

Here are the qualities that parents keep in mind as they look for a school that is a good match for their child.

  • Prizes independent interests and emphasizes autonomy
  • Conducts group activities in moderation and in small, carefully managed groups
  • Values kindness, caring, empathy, good citizenship
  • Insists on orderly classrooms and hallways
  • Organizes space into small, quiet classrooms
  • Chooses teachers who seem to understand the shy serious/introverted/sensitive temperament
  • Focuses its academic/athletic/extracurricular activities on subjects that are particularly interesting to your child
  • Enforces an anti-bullying program
  • Emphasizes a tolerant, down-to-earth culture
  • Attracts like-minded peers, for example intellectual kids, or artistic or athletic ones, depending on your child’s preferences

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