As children Become teenagers, their brains develop and change. These changes affect their way of thinking and behavior. Parents can play a part in understanding the changes in their child.

The basics development: teenage brain children’s brains have a massive growth take place when they’re very young. By the time they are 5 their brains are already about 90-95% developed of adult size. But our brain still needs more to develop and start functioning like a adult-brain.

This brain remodeling happens intensively during adolescence, continuing into your child’s mid-20s.

Brain charge depends on age, experience and hormonal changes in puberty. Some brain changes happen before puberty and some continue long after.

So even though brain change take place in all teenagers at the same way, there are difference among individual teenagers. We used to think that once children had gone through puberty and growth had finished, development was complete. Then MRI scanners were invented and they showed that the brain goes on changing for a long time after puberty has finished and may not be complete until nearly 30 years of age.

The brain is thought to develop and correct functionally in stages. The emotional areas of the brain are present at birth, but regulation of emotions change from being more of shared responsibility in childhood and adolescence. This process requires new connections to be formed between higher level thinking and the emotional areas of the brain. This also leads to adult level decision making, planning and thinking.

The things which help to develop the brain of children is really the safe environment where they consistent loving support from adults. Young mind always expect from the adults to support them and encourage them. They need clear and consistent boundries. Where they can get and do things independently needs to be respected.

 As the brain of the children develop they start believing that they don’t have to depend on their parent’s while they start inter dependency on others as they get nature.

It is now well established that if children experience any sort of abuse (verbal, emotional) can affect his brain since early of his/her childhood. It becomes very important to monitor the child development from the early stage of his/her life. Adults can help their child to develop decision – making and problem solving skills. You and your child could go through a decision making and problems solving process in which they could be a part of defining problems, listing options and considering outcomes.

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