Cultural aspects of RPS :

India is a diverse country where people of every caste & creed live together, feel together & celebrate together. A child is the future of a nation so he / she must be introduced with the rich culture of nation so cultural activities are the only medium to convey rich values to students.

Cultural activities are as important as education.... beyond the academic we focus on followings area as well.

Social development and personality Grooming:

School is committed to the all round development of the child so we provide a learning environment which is conductive to inculcate a spirit of creativity and enquiry. We undertake educational tour, local picnic, visits to book fairs, visit of Airport, News Paper (Printing Press), Handmade Paper Factories etc. and many more

(a) To develop scientific skills and innovative ideas school organize science exhibition where only working models and working projects are displayed by students.
(b) For the development of humanity we favour the charity. Students are taken deaf and dumb instituted blind schools, orphanages and old age homes. This type of visit generates a sense of responsibility.
(c) A big amount of charity is given by students to poor people operations at cancer institute and peoples suffering from natural calamities like flood and draught
(d) ( Every morning the school starts with recital of Saraswati Vandana, Gayatri Mantra (Goddess of knowledge), Shlokas, Bhajan, Physical exercise aerobics and with National Anthem Regularly we have Meditation which leads Mental stability in mind.
(e) To make students confident and to provide practical aspect of learning ‘Mock Parliament’ is also organized.
We guide students to inculcate values of humanity, kindness and patriotism.
We focus on – ‘Serve Humanity, Serve Nation’.

House System:

To facilitate the blossoming of valued talent of the student the school offers the House System. The four houses are Nishtha, Prerna, Pragati & Sanskar. Every student of Class I - VII on admission is placed in one of the houses.

Development of language skill:

Language is the only medium through which a person can communicate with others so we give more emphasis on listening , speaking , reading and writing skills of Nur , K.g + prepare thought in the national sequence , our students read magazine “ Young Bhaskar “ so that they can retain their reading habit and get awareness about news world . Interschool competitions are regularly takes place like Debate, Speech, Seminar and Essay Writing. First Time in the field of education – A SPOKEN ENGLISH GUIDE BOOK is introduced by RPS with worksheets. Its really a great effort to make students well versed in Speaking English.

Awareness for Eco- friendly Activities:

School has eco-club to develop eco friendly attitude in students we Acknowledge the students about rain water harvesting ‘ . How can we save rain water and it can be reused in various purposes. Our school makes awareness campaigns like anti pollution day, anti tobacco day, Earth day Global warming day, and world environment day etc.
We have started anticipation against ‘use of polythene bags, bursting of crackers. Wastage of water and electricity. We in force our students to use the thing which can be recycle. We made them aware about three R’s Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Street plays are organized to make people aware about environment and efforts are made by students to make society clean and healthy.

Co-Scholastic Activities:

Rawat Public School maintains a sporting / cultural balance by offering many activities 'outside' the realm of sport. Debates, speech contests etc. various societies and outdoor clubs are there :
* Environment Club
* Dramatic Club
* Media Club
* First Aid Club
* Library Monitors Club
* Science Club
* Integrity Clubs
* Creativity Club
* Health Club
* Literary Club
* Cyber Club
* Traffic Club
* Cookery Club

Co-Scholastic Development:

A part from scholastic we also give emphasis on co-scholastic development so we have regular Music (Vocal and instrument) Art and Craft, Yoga and Dance Classes. Twice in year we arrange Art and Craft workshop which is undertaken by expert teachers In this sequence school also organises “Best out of waste“ event. Students show their creativity with full dedication. School offers activity oriented education and has enough co - scholastic activities to provide happy environment full of fun and amazing experiences.


At Rawat Public school, we believe in balancing academics and games for all of our students. Our sports department caries a systematic curriculum with this each month, your child will find more interest and passion towards school.

Whether it’s mastering teamwork in Games or time management skills between homework and clubs, our students develop lifelong skills and strategies in our exciting, hands-on and truly enriching programs. Rawat Public School has Cricket, Volley Ball, Martial Arts, Tennis, Football, Taekwondo and Basketball teams which have been performing extremely well on national and international levels. To ensure that your child has the opportunity to explore a variety of sports activities we have professional trainers motivating the students.